Why You Post Bail Immediately Following An Arrest

Posting Bail Directly After An Arrest – Don’t Wait


Landing in jail is inevitable to everyone even those who abide the law every single day. When such situation happens to an individual, the first thing they contemplate is how to get released and how fast it’s going to take. The decision made here is very important, and one should think carefully before deciding on which step to take.

Should you post bail after an arrest? This is a question that rings every second. To be precise, posting bail is very important when done after the first appearance in court. This is customarily in the form of cash, property or a bod given to the court as a pledge that the defendant will show up in court for a hearing or any time they are requested to do so.

Some reasons why you should wait to post your bail 

Bail is usually paid in high sum, If you bail before the first hearing, you end up paying a huge sum of money only for some few days of freedom when your first hearing is set at a sooner date than you thought.

Before the first appearance in court, many things might happen in that, your attorneys might be able to persuade the prosecutors not to file for criminal charges against you at the time. If this call is appreciated, one can be released within two days, and one is released for free without bail or bond fees.

We recommend you post bail with a bail bondsman. A company like Southern Bail Bonds In Dallas TX, will allow you to escape jail and pay a fraction of what you would pay.

Your First Hearing In Jail – Prior To Your Bail Bond 

During the first hearing, your attorneys might also convince the judges to reduce the amount of bail set upon your release. Your attitude, cooperation and the weight of the case may offer you the chance to be released free without any bail. Your lawyers can be allowed to visit you while in custody in some counties to understand your background and whatever information might help and get you released for free.

If the defendant fails to attend when called upon, the court withholds the bail and issues a warrant of arrest.One benefit of posting bail is that you will have the opportunity to go out meet with your attorney, recollect yourself on how you are going to approach your case.

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